CEO, Chief Pilot & Author

                "Our success is directly related to our clarity and honesty about who we are, who we're not, where we want to go, and how we're going to get there. No matter your life's purpose, do it because it's right, not because it's right for your resume."

  Nick is the founder and CEO of Heli Aviation Florida, LLC, Heli Aviation Holding, LLC, Heli Aviation Holding II, LLC, Diamond Helicopters, LLC, and, LLC. At the age of 16, he founded his first company, which specialized in mobile radio services for companies, airports, aircraft and public authorities. His goal was making professional radio communication affordable for all people, and financially vulnerable firms. Nick’s passion for radio communication quickly transitioned into his eventual pursuit of all thing’s aviation. Since 2007, Nick has relentlessly pursued all aspects of the helicopter industry, never shying away from a challenge. Whether it’s developing Helisaws for aerial trimming, or providing helicopter aerial support to those in need, Nick has always been inclined towards anything with a rotor blade involved. Just like that 16-year-old boy who dreamed of making radio communication accessible to all, Nick believes that your social and economic status shouldn’t exclude individuals from the helicopter industry. Nick has always strived to provide helicopter services to disadvantaged communities, and for disaster relief efforts. Nick has also used aviation to make a positive impact with local and national law enforcement communities, providing training and other services where needed. 

Niclas "Nick" Herle received Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA) from President Trump

Achievements & Awards

  In 2017, Nick Herle received the Sikorski Humanitarian Award for the aerial search of the Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart, as well as a Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA) from President Trump for donating helicopters and crews during Hurricane Matthew in the Bahamas.  

Niclas Nick Herle is the Author of the “Pilots Handbook – Robinson R22


  Nick is the Author of the “Pilots Handbook – Robinson R22: Information’s for pilots and student pilots flying and going to fly the R22” and available on amazon. The book features and explains the main content of the R22 POH giving a more detailed and in-depth description about the Systems, the Performance and Limitations of the R22 helicopter. 

Niclas Herle flying Agusta A109


  Nick has an 11-year accident/incident free flying record and started his flying career at the age of 17. In 2011, he moved to the U.S. and started Heli Aviation. Currently, he holds an EASA and Instrument rated FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, as well as an FAA Flight Instructor rating and flies and provides training in Bell 206L, Bell 407, MD500, MD600, Robinson R22/44/66, and Agusta A109’s. 

Recent Press Releases

Nick Herle donating helicopters in the search for two missing teens in Florida.

Niclas Nick Herle donating helicopters in the search for two missing teens in Florida

Nick Herle: Become a Helicopter Pilot with Heli Aviation.

Niclas Nick Herle: Become a Helicopter Pilot with Heli Aviation.

Nick Herle donating helicopters for the search of the Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart

Niclas Nick Herle donating helicopters for the search of the Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart

Nick Herle donating helicopter tours to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for children battling with cancer.

Niclas Nick Herle donating helicopter tours to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for children battling with cancer

Nick Herle and Heli Aviation providing an Important Wildlife Management Tool for FWC.

 Naturally-occurring fires caused by lightning  once played a major role in forming and maintaining much of Florida’s  pine lands, sandhills, scrub areas, prairies and wetlands. Over time,  many wildlife species came to depend on the nourishing vegetation that  burst from fire-enriched soils. Today, the FWC in cooperation with Heli Aviation uses safely-controlled prescribed fire techniques to  improve and maintain habitats for deer, quail, turkey and many other wildlife species.

Nick Herle developed a patented aerial-saw to clear vegetation surrounding power lines.

  “You want to do what with a helicopter?!” That was the reaction when Niclas “Nick” Herle first approached utility companies with his idea of how to clear trees and other vegetation surrounding power line and other utility right-of-ways. Herle developed and engineered a patented aerial saw. Herles’ idea was essentially to suspend an enormous saw below a helicopter. Guided by precision flying, it would be able to access areas around a power line that would otherwise be too difficult or tight to reach, and clear the surrounding vegetation. The original idea may have seemed a little bizarre at first, but the operation quickly proved a hit when it was put into practice. Today, aerial saws carried by Herle’s fleet of 7 aircraft can be seen performing their highly-skilled work right across the eastern half of the United States, for a client base that includes approximately 10 utility companies. The present saw assembly is 20 feet long, consisting of 8 blades of 24-inch diameter. The blades are attached to a square beam that houses the drive components — and it’s all powered by a gas engine located at the top of the beam, controlled directly from the cockpit. 

Niclas Herle is donating $25k and helicopters to help Bahamian communities hit by hurricane Matthew

Nick Herle is donating $25,000 through two charitable organizations sending food, supplies and helicopters to Bahamian communities recently stricken by hurricane Matthew. For his generous effort, Herle received the Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA) from President Trump in 2017.

Niclas Herle providing helicopter support for marine wildlife protection during power boat races

Thousands of spectators travel worldwide to enjoy powerboat racing, but its easy to forget the importance of limiting the impact to marine wildlife during such events. For over 6 years, Nick Herle has donated helicopter for aerial marine wildlife spotting during power boat race events.

Impacting communities

Helicopters inspire children to think outside the normal confines of everyday life. Nick Herle frequently participates in community school and youth focused events, in hopes to expose and inspire our future leaders of tomorrow in pursuing the many career opportunities possible in aviation. 

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